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Blue-Cloner is a professional Blu-ray tool to make quality Blu-ray backups
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Blue-Cloner is a helpful application that enables users to create backups of Blu-ray movies to the hard drive or directly to another blu-ray disc. It has an ability to compress 50GB discs to 25GB with a minor loss of quality and also removes the protections.
The program has a stylish interface, there aren’t complex options and it’s really easy to use. Users just have to insert the Blu-ray movie and then they can change the subtitle options and choose a copy mode.
There are 4 different clone modes: Complete (compressed to 25GB), Movie Only (without extras or menus), Split (split to fit into several discs) and Full (no compression).
As said, Blue-Cloner removes any encryption protection (BD / AACs), this takes over 1hr, and the burning takes another 2hrs approximately. In total users are looking at around 3-4 hrs to copy a movie, depending on the chosen mode.
Other options allow users to select subtitles and audio that will be copied as well as defining the length of the chapters. A new addition on this version is the ability to copy the movie directly to the hard drive, which slightly takes less time than a direct burn.
It can’t get any better, with a user-friendly interface and simple options blu-ray backups are truly easy to perform.

Max Santillana
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  • Different copy modes available
  • Allows choosing what to copy
  • Copies to hard drive
  • Removes protections


  • Takes a lot of time to rip
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